HC Deb 30 July 1930 vol 242 cc475-7

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he can make any statement regarding the procedure to be adopted in receiving evidence from East Africa regarding the Government's proposals for closer union; and whether unofficial communities interested are being informed through the Governors of the territories how they will be permitted to make their representations?


asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies whether, in view of the intention of the Government to appoint a Joint Committee on East Africa in the Autumn Session, be will seek an early opportunity of indicating when it will sit so that those in East Africa wishing to attend may be able to make their plans well in advance; and whether he will consider the desirability of instructing the Governors of Kenya, Uganda, Nyasaland, Northern Rhodesia, and Tanganyika to ascertain during the Recess the views of all representative bodies on the statement of Government policy for subsequent submission to the Joint Committee?


As I informed the right hon. Member for Stafford (Mr. Ormsby-Gore) on the 25th of June, the question of the method of procedure of the proposed Joint Committee in primarily one for the consideration of the Chairman and Members of that Committee, when it is appointed. So is the question whether it will hear oral as well as written evidence; but it is the hope of my Noble Friend that it will decide to do so. In the meantime it is not possible for any authoritative statement to be made on the subject. For the same reason, it is not yet possible to ask the Governors of the territories concerned to invite representative bodies in those territories to prepare evidence for the Committee, but it is understood that such bodies are fully aware of the position, and in a position to make all necessary preparations. My Noble Friend would, of course, take the earliest opportunity of informing the East African Governments of the date on which the proposed Joint Committee would begin its sittings, but this cannot be decided until the Committee is actually set up.


Could the hon. Gentleman, for the convenience of people in East Africa who wish to come to this country to give evidence, give some indication as to whether he proposes that the committee should be set up when the House meets again, or whether there is likely to be delay until after Christmas?


The present understanding is that the Motion to set up this committee will be made as soon as possible after the House resumes.


May we take it that, if the East African deputation arrives in this country some time in November, that will probably be the most convenient time?


I would not like to commit myself any further than the statement which I have made. The present intention is to set up the committee as soon as possible after the House meets again.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

Will this committee include a representation of the natives to give evidence?


I have no knowledge of what representations are to be made.


Will there be any facilities, in the way of subsidised passages, given for native representations to come over here?


There should be a further question on that.

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