HC Deb 22 July 1930 vol 241 c2089

I beg to move, in page 90, line 7, at the end, to insert the words: and for the purposes of this sub-section expenses incurred in disseminating knowledge or otherwise informing the minds of the people, with a view to promoting safety on roads, may be treated as expenses incurred in the administration of this Act. I hope that the language of this Amendment will commend itself to the House. Hon. Members will know that we are going to have a highway code, and it will be necessary for us to disseminate knowledge about that code so that the general public should know of its provisions and that its principles should be popularised. This Amendment gives us the necessary financial power. It is not proposed, as at present advised, to exercise that power in the direction of newspaper advertisements, and I hope that every Minister will be careful about newspaper advertising which might be an undesirable power for a Minister to exercise.


I must utter a word of protest against the word "disseminating." I should have thought that the Minister could have found a charming old English word like "spreading" instead of this horrible concoction "disseminating."

Amendment agreed to.