HC Deb 03 July 1930 vol 240 cc2126-7

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the number of men and women in receipt of able-bodied relief in Glasgow and Govan parish for each week since the coming into operation of the new Unemployment Insurance Act to the latest available date?

The SECRETARY of STATE for SCOTLAND (Mr. William Adamson)

Only monthly figures are available and, with my hon. Friend's permission, I propose to circulate it the OFFICIAL RETORT a statement giving the particulars for the months of March, April and May last.


Will the statement show whether it is the case that within the last month there has been a very large increase in the number of those obtaining able-bodied relief, and can the right hon. Gentleman tell us the reason for that?

Persons in receipt of able-bodied relief.
Parish. 15th March, 1930. 15th April, 1930. 15th May, 1930.
Males. Females. Dependants. Males. Females. Dependants. Males. Females. Dependants.
Glasgow 6,330 496 15,222 3,317 291 8,194 2,323 268 5,288
Govan 4,263 429 9,778 1,898 323 4,212 3,828 321 12,774
Note.—The Govan figures for May, 1930, are affected by the relief now granted to children of persons in receipt of Unemployment Benefit. Additional reliefs of 1s. 6d. per week in respect of each dependant child have brought on to the Poor Roll in Govan persons with dependant children who applied for supplementation of the Unemployment Benefit scale. In such cases although the payment is only given in respect of the dependant children, the man, wife and children are included in the figures.