HC Deb 28 January 1930 vol 234 cc820-1

asked the Lord Privy Seal the gross amount of the various schemes submitted for the relief of unemployment in proper form by the Liverpool Council up to the 20th January, 1930; and the total amount that has been approved to date?


As the answer is a long one and involves figures, I will, with my hon. Friend's permission, circulate details in the OFFICIAL REPORT. Since 1st June last, road schemes of a total value of £640,000 have been approved in principle by the Ministry of Transport. Miscellaneous works of a total value of about £200,000 have been approved by the Unemployment Grants Committee.


May I ask what proportion of the total number of schemes submitted by the Liverpool City Council have been approved by the right hon. Gentleman's Department, and whether the statement is correct that, in spite of the fact that six weeks have transpired since the schemes were sent up by the Liverpool City Council, nothing has been heard in connection therewith?


The answer that I gave to the original question is the best answer to that statement.

Following are the detailed figures:

As regards roads, plans and estimates have been submitted to the Ministry of Transport by the Liverpool Council in respect of 18 schemes estimated to cost £640,386. These have been approved in principle and in intimation given that the work may be proceeded with. Formal grants have been issued in respect of two schemes estimated to cost £15,100. Schemes estimated to cost £337,286 are under examination and it is hoped to issue the grants shortly. Details from the council are awaited with respect to the remainder.

The Unemployment Grants Committee have received from the Liverpool Council since the 1st June, 1929, formal applications for grant in respect of 34 schemes estimated to cost £471,700. About two-thirds of these schemes have been submitted since the beginning of December. Three schemes estimated to cost £197,200 have been approved for grant since the 1st June last, but one of these, estimated to cost £194,700, was submitted prior to that date.

I may add that a conference is being held in Liverpool to-day between a representative of the Unemployment Grants Committee and officers of the council, when outstanding schemes will be discussed.