HC Deb 23 January 1930 vol 234 cc331-2
54. Viscount ELMLEY

asked the Minister of Health whether, in the cases of men who have been insured under the National Health Insurance Act for three years or more, he will consider abolishing the existing period of three days before any benefit can be drawn?


Payment of sickness benefit from the first day of incapacity, instead of the fourth, may be made under the present law where an approved society is able to make the necessary financial provision out of a disposable surplus and the members decide to do so. Any general abolition of the normal waiting period of three days would, however, necessitate an increase in the contributions, and would entail difficulties in administration, and I am not aware that there has been any demand for such a change on the part of societies.


asked the Minister of Health what arrangements, if any, the Government propose to make to enable a person insured under the Health Insurance Acts who wishes to settle in our Dominions to obtain a transfer of the values standing to his credit with his approved society?


There is already statutory provision under which the payment of transfer values may be made in respect of insured persons who emigrate to the Dominions and become insured in a society in the Dominions, subject to corresponding rights being given in respect of insured persons who come from the Dominions to this country. Any claim for the payment of a transfer value under these conditions should be made by the society through whom the emigrant is insured in the Dominions.


If I send the right hon. Gentleman a case where the applicant says that he was unable to obtain that transfer of values, will he consider it?


Oh, yes.