HC Deb 12 February 1930 vol 235 cc409-10
45. Major NATHAN

asked the Prime Minister whether he is able to state whether any persons have been chosen by him for membership of the Economic Advisory Council in virtue of their special knowledge and experience in industry and economics; and whether he is able to state the names of the secretary and assistant secretaries?


The following have consented to serve as members of the Economic Advisory Council:

Sir Arthur Balfour.

Mr. Ernest Bevin.

Mr. W. R. Blair.

Sir John Cadman.

Mr. W. M. Citrine.

Mr. G. D. H. Cole.

Mr. Ernest Debenham.

Sir Andrew Duncan.

Sir Daniel Hall.

Sir William Hardy.

Mr. J. M. Keynes.

Sir Alfred Lewis.

Sir William McLintock.

Sir Josiah Stamp.

Mr. R. H. Tawney.

As regards the staff, the following appointments have so far been made:

Mr. Thomas Jones and Mr. A. F. Hemming (taken over from the already existing service).

Mr. H. D. Henderson.

Mr. H. V. Hodson.

Mr. Colin Clark.

I ought to add that in addition we have a list of distinguished industrialists and economists who have consented to assist on specific points.


Is the Prime Minister satisfied that he has left out no one of note?


I am not sure whether the hon. Member has any specific person in mind, but I can assure him that there are a great many persons of note whose names have not been mentioned but who are willing to assist us when specific points requiring assistance arise.


The only person I had in mind was Uncle Tom Cobley.


In view of the rather special problems arising out of questions relating to the women's movement, will the Prime Minister consider the advisability of asking some woman acquainted with economic science to join the Council?


It would be very improper if I indicated people who have been approached, but I can assure the hon. Lady that that consideration has not been overlooked.