HC Deb 02 December 1930 vol 245 c1957

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he has any information concerning the provision of a head-lamp for pit ponies in mines with a view to minimising accidents and injury; and, if so, whether he is taking any steps to secure its adoption?


I have authorised the use of a modified form of an approved electric cap lamp for experimental trials underground for this purpose at a mine in Yorkshire, and the progress of these trials will be watched with interest by my Department. Some provisional experiments have also been made in South Wales by one of His Majesty's Inspectors of Horses, using an ordinary cap lamp. At present, there is not enough evidence to enable any definite judgment to be arrived at as to value of lamps used for such a purpose; but so far as they have gone, the experiments are encouraging. My Department will continue to watch them closely and will encourage any further experiments in the same direction.