HC Deb 14 April 1930 vol 237 c2678

I am now in a position to present a final balance sheet. I gave the figures of expenditure as £781,909,000. I must add the provision for the deficit for 1929 of £5,000,000 and also make a small readjustment for the Northern Ireland share of in creased taxation—£300,000. The total thus becomes £787,209,000. Revenue on the existing basis was £739,645,000. As I said earlier, the variation attributable to the lapsing under the existing law of certain Safeguarding Duties has already been allowed for. The minor changes I have mentioned involve a loss altogether of £450,000. These are the increases this year: Beer Duty, £2,750,000; increases of direct taxation, £31,500,000; Suspensory Fund, £16,000,000. The resultant figure is a revenue of £789,445,000. It yields a small surplus of £2,236,000, which I must retain for contingencies.

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