HC Deb 14 April 1930 vol 237 c2671

It will be convenient now if I deal with one or two matters of minor financial importance which have a bearing on the amount I have to raise this year. I propose to abolish the last vestiges of the inglorious Betting Duty. The Committee will remember that this tax was introduced in 1926, accompanied by fees payable by bookmakers for personal certificates and for entry certificates in respect of their premises. The tax on bets was not a brilliant success and was finally abandoned in the last Budget. There remained in force the duty of £10 payable on bookmakers' certificates, which had been imposed for the protection of the tax on bets. I propose now to repeal the duties on the certificates, so that the Statute Book will once more be entirely free from the blemish of a Measure that ought never to have appeared on it. The present certificates will therefore be allowed to run out at the end of October next and will not be renewed. This will cost £200,000 in a full year and £180,000 this year.