HC Deb 29 October 1929 vol 231 cc25-6

On a point of Order. May I draw your attention, Sir, to the inadvisability of having both the ballots for Bills and Motions at the same time? In consequence of two books being utilised, it was impossible for a considerable number of Members to enter their names. May I ask whether in future, when balloting for Bills and Motions at the commencement of a new Parliament, you will consider the advisability of leaving the ballot book for the Bills until a quarter past four?


May I further suggest that the lists be opened much earlier in the day than is usual? There were many Members round the desk at eleven o'clock this morning, and the lists were not open until a quarter past two, and consequently many Members were queueing up.


May I say that I was the very last to put my name down, and the list was kept open right to the end, and no one was shut out?


It is quite true that, with two ballots going on at the same time, there have to be two books, in each of which, of course, Members have to sign their names, but I do not see much difficulty in keeping the two separate. If there are any complaints, or, if there is any grievance, hon. Members may bring it to my notice. I will see if anything can be done to remedy them.


Is it within your power, Sir, to give permission for someone to move a Motion to have the stupid procedure of the House altered?

Ordered, That no Bills, other than Government Bills, be introduced in anticipation of the ballot, and that all Members who desire to ballot for Bills do hand in their names at the Table during the sitting of the House on Tuesday, 29th October or Wednesday, 30th October, and that a copy of the Notice of such Bill be handed in at the latest during the sitting of the House on Thursday, 31st October.

Ordered, That the ballot for the precedence of the said Bilk be taken on Thursday, 31st October, at a convenient time and place, to be appointed by Mr. Speaker, and that the presentation of the Bills on Friday, 1st November, be taken at the commencement of Public Business."—[Mr. Snowden.]


By virtue of the Order which the House has just made, I appoint twelve o'clock and Committee Room No. 10 as the time and place for taking the Ballot on Thursday.