HC Deb 31 January 1929 vol 224 c1131
43 and 44. Mr. RENNIE SMITH

asked the Minister of Agriculture (1) the amount and worth of retained imports of

IMPORTS of CANNED and BOTTLED VEGETABLES and FRUITS retained in Great Britain and Northern Ireland during 1927 were as follows:—

Description. Quantity. Declared Value.
Vegetables, preserved by canning or bottling, with no sweetening matter: Cwts. £
Tomatoes 617,348 748,280
Other descriptions 147,581 288,230
Total 764,929 1,036,510
Fruit, not liable to duty as such, preserved with out sugar: Canned or bottled 316,586 466,180
Fruit, preserved in sugar-tinned or bottled, in syrup:
Pineapples 589,681 l,190,824
Other sorts 1,470,391 3,746,527
Total 2,376,658 5,403,531
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