HC Deb 29 January 1929 vol 224 cc902-3

Amendments made:

In page 86, line 28, at the beginning insert the words: the second proviso to Section seven.

In line 30, at the end, insert the words: Where any such officer was, immediately before the appointed day, one of the holders of a joint appointment, then, if after he has attained the age of 50 years or completed 20 years' service he loses his office or employment by reason of the death, resignation, or insanity of the other holder thereof and is not re-appointed, he shall, in lieu of being entitled to a return of contributions under Section 10 of the Act of 1922, be entitled to a superannuation allowance under that Act, so, however, that this provision shall not apply where a joint appointment held by a husband and wife is terminated owing to misconduct of one of them,

In page 87, line 9, after the word "and," insert the words: for adequately protecting their rights and interests and.

In line 20, after the word "officers," insert the words "in that service."— [Mr. Chamberlain.]