HC Deb 28 February 1929 vol 225 cc2185-7
60. Mr. COUPER

asked the hon. and gallant Member for Tonbridge, as representing the Charity Commissioners if he will state the funds which are vested in the hands of the Charity Commissioners for the Salvation Army; whether there is more than one specific fund; and the total amount of the fund or funds?

Lieut.-Colonel SPENDER-CLAY (Charity Commissioner)

As the answer contains a number of figures, I propose with the hon. Member's permission to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.


Can the hon. and gallant Gentleman give me the answer to the last part of the question? What is the total amount?

Lieut.-Colonel SPENDER-CLAY

I can add up the figures and give the hon. Gentleman the total if he will allow me a few moments in which to do it.

Following is the answer:

The following sums of stock held for the general benefit of the Salvation Army or for special purposes in connection therewith are now standing in the name of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds:—

Charity and Stock.

"Trust Property in connection with the Salvation Army": £535 6s. 4d. 5 per cent. War Stock.

Gifts of Mary Jane Fowler for Homes for Aged Women and Children:

The General of the Salvation Army Fund:

Gift of Saria Seare for free meals for the poor of the Civil Parishes of St. George the Martyr, Southwark, and St. Saviour's, Southwark:

£463 14s. 3d. 4 per cent. Funding Stock.

Gift of Gabriel Williams for the benefit of the Salvation Army in Bridgwater.

£1,079 9s. 5 per cent. War Stock.

Blackmore Missions Fund for rescue of fallen women in the County of London:

£1,704 6s. 11d. 2½ per cent. Consols.