HC Deb 28 February 1929 vol 225 c2191

I rise to make a personal explanation, which will not take more than a few moments. The other day I found, to my surprise, that my name appeared on the back of a Bill called the Housing Act (1925) Amendment Bill, backed by an hon. Member whose Division I do not, for the moment, remember. It was due to no fault of his, but to a misprint, and I rise to correct that, because of the fact that I am very much opposed to the principles contained in that Bill. Neither the hon. Member concerned nor anyone else is to blame for it. It is one of those accidents that occur from time to time, but for which I do not think anybody can be held responsible. I only rise, as I say, to make this correction, as I feel myself very much opposed to the principles in the Bill.


I understand that the Bill in question will be reprinted.