HC Deb 25 February 1929 vol 225 c1665

  1. (1) It shall not be lawful for a county council or for the town council of a burgh being a county of a city to discontinue the provision of instruction in religion in terms of the provision of Section seven of the Education (Scotland) Act, 1918, unless and until a resolution in favour of such discontinuance duly passed by the council has been submitted to a poll of the local government electors for the county or burgh taken for the purpose, and has been approved by a majority of electors voting thereat.
  2. (2) A poll under the foregoing Sub-section shall be by ballot and shall be taken in accordance with rules to be made by the Secretary of State, which rules may apply with any necessary modifications any enactments relating to parliamentary or local government elections.—[The Lord Advocate.]

Brought up, and read the First and Second time.

Question, "That the Clause be added to the Bill," put, and agreed to.