HC Deb 19 February 1929 vol 225 c937

asked the Secretary for Mines if he can state the figures for the output of smokeless fuel in England and Wales for any convenient recent week; and, in view of the importance of popularising the use of smokeless fuel as a substitute for raw coal in domestic grates, whether he will undertake, through the Empire Marketing Board, an advertising campaign on behalf of this fuel?

Commodore KING

I presume the hon. Baronet refers to the residual fuel of low-temperature carbonisation processes. If so, I am not in possession of the figures asked for and do not think that the size of the industry yet justifies me in calling for them. The advertising campaign suggested is neither necessary nor advisable, as I understand that the companies producing such fuel have had no difficulty in disposing of it. I am advised that, in any case, such a campaign would be outside the scope of the Empire Marketing Board.


Is it not a fact that the best smokeless fuel in the world is Welsh anthracite?


Is it not a fact that the demand for this coal is overwhelmingly in excess of the supply, and would not the Government spend their time better by encouraging its production?

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