HC Deb 23 December 1929 vol 233 cc1895-6
54 and 55. Major HILLS

asked the Minister of Health (1) whether it is proposed to utilise the forthcoming Census to provide and publish statistics of occupational mortality in respect of both sexes;

(2) whether he is aware that, whereas, consequent on the Census of 1921, the Registrar-General presented a report, with tabulated statistics, on infant mor- tality, with reference to the father's occupation, no such report was presented with respect to maternal mortality; and whether, in view of the high rate of maternal mortality prevailing, he will consider the presentation of such a report in connection with the forthcoming Census at an early date after the completion of the taking of the Census?


The question of compiling, consequent upon the 1931 Census, statistics of the mortality of married women by reference to the occupation of the husband will be fully considered, though such supplementary tabulations cannot be undertaken until the completion of the Census tabulations, which constitute in part the material required for their preparation. With regard to the second question, the matter will be very fully considered before the programme of supplementary tabulations is decided upon. But I may observe that it was not found advisable in 1921 to attempt any compilation of the mortality of the female population by reference to female occupations for the reason, among others, that approximately 10 per cent. only of the female population was returned as gainfully or industrially occupied.