HC Deb 18 April 1929 vol 227 cc380-1

asked the Minister of Pensions if he will consider the advisability of amending the Regulations governing pensions given for amputations so as to cover the variation of percentages allowable as to length of stump, etc., in cases where, since the time of fixing the pension, there has been expansion or contraction due to natural causes or where the measurements originally taken vary with the exact measurements shown at subsequent periods?


Any case in which substantial error of fact is proved to have occurred would, under existing arrangements, be considered and adjusted, but I am not prepared to recommend exceptional treatment of one type of disability pension for the purpose either of increase or decrease.


asked the Minister of Pensions if he is aware that David J. James, of 2, Rockfield Terrace, Glyn-Neath, reference No. 5/mJ/6023, joined the Army three days after the declaration of War, 7th August, 1914, and was discharged on 5th September, 1916, on account of pulmonary tuberculosis which was admitted to have been aggravated by War service, and that pension was paid until December, 1920, in full; that after that date it was reduced, and in September, 1927, he was awarded a ser-vice-cum-disability pension of 8d. per day for life; and, seeing that he is now unable to follow his employment and is likely to be a cripple for the remainder of his life, and that it is stated by a local medical expert that his present condition is due to his pensionable disability, will he reconsider his decision and grant the full pension during disability?


I am aware of the facts in this case, on which I have already communicated with the hon. Member. The disability from which Mr. James is suffering is osteo-arthritis. I am advised that it is not possible to regard this condition as connected with Mr. James's War service.