HC Deb 15 April 1929 vol 227 cc64-5

I can now balance the Budget of 1929 with an expenditure under all heads, including the rating relief, the Sinking Fund, and the self-balancing accounts, of £822,584,000 and with a revenue of £826,680,000, leaving a final prospective surplus of £4,096,000. I hope that this surplus may be increased, as the last two surpluses have been, by further savings by the departments during the year, and that in any case this will be sufficient to pay the usual inevitable expenditure on Supplementary Estimates for minor contingencies. My intention is, if I should remain responsible, that whatever surplus is realised at the end of the year, should go, like its predecessors, to strengthen the Suspensory Fund and still further lengthen the period before the full weight of the new rating reliefs measures itself against the expanding revenues of the Exchequer.

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