HC Deb 26 November 1928 vol 223 cc15-6

asked the Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department whether, under the export credits scheme, there have been any defaulters; if so, how many; and of what nationality are they?

The following STATEMENT gives the principal and certain other items which have to be separately distinguished for the purpose of duty on the importation of a motor car into Australia, together with the relevant tariff headings and rates of duty under the general and British Preferential tariffs respectively.
Item. Tariff Heading. British Preferential Tariff. General Tariff.
Body 359 (D). Parts of Vehicles with self-contained power, propelled by petrol, steam, electricity, oil or alcohol, not elsewhere included, whether incorporated in the complete vehicle or separate, namely:—
(1) Single-seated Bodies £30 each £40 each.
(2) Double-seated Bodies £50 each £60 each.
(3) Bodies with fixed or with movable canopy tops, e.g, Landaulette, Limousine, Taxi-cab, and similar Types, and not elsewhere included. £65 each or 40% ad valorem. £75 each or 55% ad valorem.
(whichever rate returns the higher duty).
Chassis 359 (D). (4) Chassis, but not including Rubber Tyres, Storage Batteries, Shock Absorbers, Bumper Bars, or Sparking Plugs:—
(a) Unassembled Free 17½% ad valorem.
(b) Assembled 5% ad valorem. 25% ad valorem.
Tyres 333. Pneumatic Rubber Tyres, and Tubes therefor, valved or unvalved:—
(1) Covers weighing each 2½ lbs. or less; Tubes weighing each 1 lb. or less. 25% ad valorem. 40% ad valorem.
(2) Covers weighing each over 2½ lbs; Tubes weighing each over 1 lb. 1s. 6d. per lb or 25% ad valorem. 2s. 6d. per lb. or 40% ad valorem.
(whichever rate returns the higher duty).

The answer to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. Under the present scheme the Department has had to pay under its guarantee on bills drawn upon 111 importers. I am unable to give their nationality, but they are domiciled in 43 different countries.