HC Deb 13 November 1928 vol 222 c681
33 and 34 sir ALEXANDER SPROT

asked the Secretary for Mines (1) how much money is in hand for the purpose of erecting pit-head baths; and what is the figure for Scotland;

(2) how many pit-head baths have been erected or are being erected since the funds for this purpose were allocated; and what are the figures for Scotland?

Commodore D. KING

The sum received from the Royalties Welfare Levy up to date is £357,000. To this the Miners Welfare Committee have added £238,000, making a total of £595,000 available for the erection of pit-head baths. no part of it is required to be allocated to any particular district and there is accordingly no separate figure for Scotland. £36,000 has been actually spent, and a further £129,000 has been allocated to approved schemes. The number of installations which have been actually erected by the Miners' Welfare Committee, or have reached the building stage, is nine, of which one is in Scotland. A number of other schemes, including 12 in Scotland, are now in hand but have not yet reached the building stage.


Would it not be a good thing to push on with the expenditure of all this money that is in hand, in view of the great amount of unemployment in the areas?

Commodore KING

Yes, but I think the Miners' Welfare Committee wisely decided to build an experimental installation before going on with the main scheme. They are now carrying on the main scheme.

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