HC Deb 15 May 1928 vol 217 cc845-6
42. Mr. PALING

asked the hon. Member for Monmouth, as representing the Forestry Commissioners, whether, in view of the number of unemployed miners and their adaptability for affores- tation work, any applications or suggestions have been made to the Commissioners to increase the number of acres to be planted each year?

Sir LEOLIN FORESTIER-WALKER (Forestry Commissioner)

The expansion of the Forestry Commission's planting programme has been suggested from time to time, but the operations of the Department are limited by the funds at their disposal. The Commissioners have submitted to the Industrial Transference Board their views as to the provision of additional forest workers' holdings for unemployed miners in the event of further funds being available.


May I ask whether, in view of the fact that the Industrial Transference Board have suggested that means should be adopted to find work for miners, it is the intention of the Commissioners to apply for more funds in order to extend the areas which are being cultivated?


As a matter of fact the suggestions of the Industrial Transference Board to the Forestry Commissioners and the suggestions of the Forestry Commissioners to the Industrial Transference Board will be considered to-morrow.


If this work can be provided for these men, and if they can be put on to it, will more funds be applied for?


That is a hypothetical case. I should imagine if they feel satisfied they will take temporary measures.


When previous experience is taken into account, will not the removal of rates from agriculture raise more difficulties in purchasing land for this purpose?