HC Deb 02 May 1928 vol 216 c1691

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to what extent the League of Nations has hitherto devoted consideration to international combines and trusts whose operations may result in corners in essential commodities or services; whether any committee of the League is now investigating this question; and, if not, is it on the agenda for consideration at an early date?


I understand that the general question of monopolies was tentatively raised by the Economic Committee of the League some years ago, but was not proceeded with. In May, 1927, the International Economic Conference, in their general survey of economic questions, gave some consideration to international industrial agreements of the kind to which the hon. Member refers, and they stated their view that the League of Nations should closely follow these forms of international industrial co-operation and their economic effects, and should collect the relative data with a view to publishing from time to time such information as may be of general interest. So far as I am aware, the matter is not at the present moment, however, actually on the agenda of any Committee of the League.


Will the right hon. Gentleman use his influence to get it on the agenda?


Well, Sir, I would like to know something more about the usefulness of such a proposal before I actually make it. I will consult with my colleagues of the Ministry of Labour and the Board of Trade, as soon as I can.