HC Deb 29 March 1928 vol 215 cc1331-2
31. Mr. RILEY

(for Mr. LUNN) asked the Minister of Health if he is aware that many voluntary hospitals are being

STATEMENT showing (1) the number of houses under construction and (2) the number of houses which have been authorised for erection but which have not yet been started under the Housing, etc., Act, 1923, and the Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924, at 1st March, 1928, and 1st March, 1927, respectively.
1st March, 1928. 1st March, 1927.
Number of houses under construction Number of houses authorised but not started. Number of houses under construction. Number of houses authorized but not started.
1. 2. 3. 4.
Housing, etc., Act, 1923 21,313 63,985 49,833 78,576
Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924. 29,993 29,201 53,031 48,035
Total 51,306 93,186 102,864 126,611

asked the Minister of Health if he is aware that there are 118,000 building operatives unemployed at the present time and that they are receiving approximately £120,000 per week unemployment pay; and, in view of the known shortage of houses in various parts of the country, what steps the Government are taking to supply the necessary houses and at the same time employment for these men?

seriously affected financially by reason of the additional cases caused by motor accidents they have now to deal with; and whether the Government or the Cave Commission have considered what can be done to assist the hospitals to meet the increased cost made necessary in dealing with these cases?


I understand that the question raised by the hon. Member has been considered by the Voluntary Hospitals Commission and is dealt with in their Report which will he issued shortly.