HC Deb 28 March 1928 vol 215 cc1158-60
50. Colonel WOODCOCK

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the number of land valuers who were employed immediately prior to the ending of the Land Value Duties, and what was the total amount of their salaries at that time and the number and salaries of the land valuers at present employed in the Inland Revenue Department; will he state the number of land valuers, with their salaries, who have been transferred to other Departments during this interval, and the nature of the duties at present carried out by the land valuers; whether any of these duties had been previously carried out satisfactorily by other branches of the Inland Revenue Department; and was this supplementary staff required to perform these duties?

1st July, 1914. 1st August, 1920. 1st March, 1928.
Numbers. Salaries. Numbers. Salaries (basic). Numbers. Salaries (basic).
Chief Valuer 1 1,200 1 1,200, 1 1,500
Deputy Chief Valuer 1 900 1 1,000 1 1,200
Chief Valuer, Scotland 1 875 1 1,000 1 1,100
Assistant Chief Valuer, Scotland 1 800 1 850 1 900
Assistant Superintending Valuers 14 11,750 13 11,000 12 11,050
Assistant Valuers, 1st Class 103 63,215 118 79,500 110 80,610
Valuers, 2nd Class 101 39,415 118 51,950 125 61,606
Valuers, 3rd Class 59 15,160 147 44,980 97 33,292
Valuers 753 165,660 5 2,065
Valuation Assistants 1,554 155,400
Totals 2,588 454,375 405 193,545 348 191,258

No record in general exists of the employment taken up by the large numbers of staff whose services in the valuation office ceased to be required. Eight established valuers, whose salaries, exclusive of bonus at the time of transfer aggregated to £5,390 have been transferred to other Government Departments since 1914.

The duties at present carried out by the Valuation Office are described in Command Paper No. 918 of 1920. Values for landed property for death duty purposes were at one time settled by the Estate Duty Office, without the resources of local knowledge or practical possibility of viewing the property. The work of the Valuation Office in this connexion is necessary, and could not be discontinued

The FINANCIAL SECRETARY to the TREASURY (Mr. Arthur Michael Samuel)

As the answer to this question is long and contains a number of figures, I will, with my hon. and gallant Friend's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.


Are these civil servants in profitable employment, or will they be supernumerary to establishment?


If these officials were done away with, there would eventually be a loss to the revenue.

Following is the answer:

The land value duties ceased in 1914 to operate effectively, but were not repealed until the 4th August, 1920. The following statement shows the numbers and salaries of valuers at those dates and the present time:

without loss to the Revenue coupled with increase of the Estate Duty staff.

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