HC Deb 22 March 1928 vol 215 cc570-1
6. Captain A. EVANS

asked the Home Secretary the full capacity of His Majesty's prisons at Cardiff, Swansea, Gloucester, and Hereford, respectively, and the highest and lowest number of prisoners accommodated in each prison for the years 1925, 1926, and 1927, respectively?


In view of the detailed nature of the information asked for, I will circulate the answer in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Captain A. EVANS:

With regard to the figures which the right hon. Gentleman is going to circulate, is it the opinion of the right hon. Gentleman that they justify the closing of one of the prisons in the interests of economy?


I do not see how the hon. and gallant Member can form an opinion on figures which have not been given.

Captain A. EVANS

The right hon. Gentleman did not hear me say that it was his opinion, not my opinion, that I wanted.

Following is the answer:

The full capacity of Cardiff Prison is 366; Swansea, 216; Gloucester, 139; Hereford (closed in 1915), 109. The highest and lowest numbers of prisoners accommodated have been: Cardiff, 1925–6, 261 and 167; 1926, 279 and 174; 1927, 288 and 182. Swansea, 1925–6, 185 and 80; 1926, 175 and 101; 1927, 165 and 104. Gloucester, 1925–6, 104 and 67; 1926, 103 and 64; 1927, 110 and 61.

7. Captain A. EVANS

asked the Home Secretary the names of His Majesty's prisons in Great Britain which have been permanently closed during the last five years, and their respective capacities?


In the last five years Newcastle Prison, with 328 cells, and Ipswich, with 166, were closed. In the year before, namely, 1922, eight others were closed. It is not certain that all these will be formally discontinued. In the five-year period 11 prisons that had been closed at various dates were so discontinued. I will send my hon. and gallant Friend particulars if he wishes.