HC Deb 20 March 1928 vol 215 c208
42. Mr. HURD

asked the hon. Member for Monmouth, as representing the Forestry Commissioners, what are the numbers and character of small holdings created and about to be created by the Commissioners; and if he will consider by what means this method of increasing the number of small cultivators can be extended?

Sir LEOLIN FORESTIER-WALKER (Forestry Commissioner)

Since the scheme was initiated in August, 1924, the Forestry Commissioners have completed 393 forest workers' holdings, and 212 more are in progress. The workers are provided with dwelling-house and outbuildings, and up to 10 acres of land to be used for growing fruit or other crops, or for keeping cows, poultry, pigs, goats and bees. The number of holdings which can be formed is mainly dependent on two factors: the Commission's planting programme, which governs the amount of work which can be provided for the holders, and the amount of money provided for the purpose.


Will the hon. Gentleman answer the last part of the question, as to whether any means are being adopted to extend this class of small holdings?


The Forestry Commission have placed their views before the Government, and they will be considered.


Has the hon. Gentleman's Department considered the advisability of providing small holdings on a large scale for unemployed miners who have come from rural areas and are expert in land cultivation?


We are dealing with forest workers only, and we cannot establish holdings for more forest workers than those for whom we can find work.


Is there not sufficient land in the country to occupy every unemployed miner on the land?

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