HC Deb 20 March 1928 vol 215 cc201-2
28. Sir R. THOMAS

asked the Minister of Transport whether, in view of the introduction of six-wheeled motor-omnibuses of increased length, weight and passenger-carrying capacity, he has instituted any inquiries to ascertain whether the additional physical strain imposed upon the drivers of these vehicles is likely to result in danger to themselves and the public?

Colonel ASHLEY

I am advised that there is no reason why vehicles of the kind to which the hon. Member refers, if properly designed and constructed, should impose any increased strain upon the persons who drive them. No complaints have, so far as I am aware, been made to my Department that vehicles of this type actually in use have proved difficult to handle, and I have, therefore, not thought it necessary to institute any general inquiries into the matter.


Has the right hon. and gallant Gentleman not noticed the careworn faces of these drivers as compared with the robust faces of the horse omnibus drivers?


Has the right hon. and gallant Gentleman taken into consideration any representations from the men concerned, or has he had any discussions with any of them on this matter?

Colonel ASHLEY

Not that I am aware of. No representations have been made, and no consultations have taken place.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

Does the Ministry of Transport keep an eye on the number of hours these men work on the long distance routes?

Colonel ASHLEY

No, Sir; that has nothing to do with the Ministry of Transport.

Commander WILLIAMS

Can the right hon. Gentleman say which Department deals with this question?

Colonel ASHLEY

I should be loth to ascribe duties to a brother Minister, but I should say it would be a matter for the Minister of Labour.