HC Deb 15 March 1928 vol 214 cc2077-8

asked the Home Secretary whether paragraph 5 of Statutory Rules and Orders, 1928, No. 84, which requires the provision of adequate means of escape in case of fire from buildings in which stripping or drying cinematograph film is done, is enforced by inspectors of factories; and, if so, whether he will consider the question of making the regulation applicable to all places by deleting the sub-paragraph exempting premises within the administrative county of London?


The answer to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. The exemption referred to in the second part applies only to factories or workshops forming part of a building from all parts of which means of escape can be required under the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act of 1905. The Factory Inspectors will, of course, co-operate with the council by notifying any cases within the council's jurisdiction where they find that the means of escape are inadequate or are not maintained in proper condition.


In view of the fact that the majority of this stripping is done in London, does the right hon. Gentleman consider the Order adequate, in dealing with many parts of the country, and leaving London in this unsatisfactory state?


I think it is all right. I have not found any fire which could have been avoided by the Regulations, or any fire in which the Regulations have not been carried out, but, if the hon. Member has any further information, I shall be very glad to consider it.