HC Deb 13 March 1928 vol 214 c1705

asked the Secretary for Mines the number of boys aged from 14 to 16 employed in the British coal mines, and the number of fatal and non-fatal accidents, respectively, occurring in this age-group in the year 1927 or the latest date for which statistics are available?

Commodore KING

In December, 1927, about 41,400 boys under 16 years of age were employed above and below ground at mines under the Coal Mines Act. The total number of boys of this age killed during 1927 was 37 and the total number seriously injured, 264. I regret that particulars of the number less seriously injured during 1927 are not yet available, but during 1925, when 51,700 boys were employed, the total number of seriously and less seriously injured was about 9,200.


Is it a fact that the number of boys killed or seriously injured has gone up in a bigger proportion than the increase of hours?

Commodore KING

I should require notice of that question.