HC Deb 08 March 1928 vol 214 cc1194-5

asked the Minister of Pensions whether there is any intention of providing Dundee with only a part-time office at which a medical officer resident in Aberdeen will attend three times weekly; and, if so, whether he will be prepared to reconsider the proposal on presentation of grounds urged by the British Legion in the interest of the many ex-service men's appeals having yet to be dealt with?


The hon. Member appears to have been misinformed. The hypothetical medical arrangements to which he refers in his question are, in fact, those which already exist at Dundee, where for more than a year past the facilities at the disposal of pensioners have not involved attendance by a medical officer otherwise than on a part-time basis. No complaints have been reported to me. The medical service is working well and will not be affected by any reduction in the general office arrangements which may be necessitated by the natural decline in the volume of work.


Would the right hon. Gentleman not consider the idea of appointing a local medico to act part time, to obviate the possibility of danger in special cases arising between Tuesday and Friday?


I gather from the question that the hon. Member has been misinformed by the British Legion. In case of emergency the services of an examining medical officer resident in Dundee are available.