HC Deb 07 March 1928 vol 214 cc1130-1

asked the Minister of Labour whether he can give any particulars or analysis of the various causes of the deaths of the 250 workpeople, other than seamen, who were killed in the course of their employment during the month of January?


These particulars are recorded by the Home Office, Ministry of Transport, and Mines Department. I have obtained from these Departments such information as is available, and am circulating a summary of it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the summary:

The appended statement indicates the cause of death of 128 of the 250 work-people, other than seamen, who were killed in the course of their employment in Great Britain and Northern Ireland during the month of January, 1928.

As regards the remaining 122 work-people, no analysis by causes is available of the monthly figures of fatal accidents reported under the Factory Acts, though an annual analysis appears in the Annual Reports of the Chief Inspector of Factories.

A compact presentation of statistics of fatal industrial accidents and their causes in 1910–1924, collated from several sources, was published in the 18th Abstract of Labour Statistics (pages 154–163), and these figures will be brought up to date in the 19th Abstract, which is in course of preparation, with a view to publication in the coming summer.

Causes of Fatal Industrial Accidents, January, 1928.
Railway Service.
(A) "Movement" Accidents to Railway and Contractors' Servants:
Being struck by trains, etc., when crossing or walking on the line 9
Being struck by trains, etc., while at work on the line 6
Being struck by engines or wagons during shunting operations 5
Being caught in motion when preparing engine 1
Falling when alighting from engine in motion 1
From movement of wagon which he was sheeting 1
(B) "Non-Movement" Accidents Railway and Contractors' Servants:
Slipping on the permanent way 2
Falling off a scaffold or girder 2
Internal strain when fixing dynamo under a coach 1