HC Deb 06 March 1928 vol 214 cc1107-8

Speaking on the adjournment I believe it is possible, Mr. Speaker, to call your attention to almost any important subject which comes under the cognisance of the House, and I have a grievance which will not take more than three minutes to explain. It is this. We are frequently troubled by the pestilent behaviour—if that is unparliamentary I will say tiresome behaviour—of hon. Members of this House who, having called for a Division, do not then nominate Tellers. Having called hon. Members who are better employed in Committee, or perhaps at dinner, at any rate from distant parts of the House, into the Chamber at considerable trouble to themselves, they then refuse to go to a Division by not nominating Tellers. Can you, Mr. Speaker, in the exercise of your supreme authority, discourage this tiresome practice? Three times to-day—and I am not sure that there was not a fourth occasion—we have been called into the House, only to find that the Division for which we were summoned was "off." This clearly wastes the time of the House as a whole and of the individual Members, and I would appeal to you, Mr. Speaker, to say something or, if it is in your power, do something to deprecate this very tiresome practice.


On that point of Order, Sir. I hope you will make it clear to the House that everything which has been done here to-day along those lines has been strictly in accord with Parliamentary procedure.


I do not think I can do anything to prevent hon. Members changing their minds between the first call of the bells and the second call of the bells, but I understand that perambulation is good for the digestion.

Adjourned accordingly at Fourteen minutes before Eleven o'Clock.