HC Deb 25 June 1928 vol 219 cc11-3
20. Mr. DAY

asked the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs whether he has any statistics that will show the rate of pay offered to single women who are

Canada. Australia. New Zealand. South Africa.
Per month. Per week. Per week. Per month.
Cooks $25–50 £1 5s.—£2 £1 10s—£1 15s. £3–£7
General Servants $15–35 £1 5s.—£1 15s. £1—£1 5s.
Housemaids $20–35 £1 5s.—£1 10s. £1–£1 5s.
Home Helps $15–25 £1–£1 7s. 6d. £1–£1 5s. £3–£5

Rates of wages vary considerably from time to time and in different parts of the same country, and the figures given above are approximate only and intended merely as a general guide. The rates are in all cases exclusive of board and lodging.


asked the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, with regard to the conversations he has recently had with the Minister of State for Public Works of Western Australia respecting a scheme

assisted to proceed overseas for employment in household work, and can he give particulars?


As the answer to the hon. Member's question is of some length, I propose, with his permission, to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.


Cannot the right hon. Gentleman give us some rough idea of the pay of these women, because he mentioned last week that they could make enough money in two years to pay their passage back to England?


It would be difficult to give a rough idea in a variety of occupations in a number of different Dominions.


Can the right hon. Gentleman tell us what would be their fare back to England if they had to pay it themselves?


I should have to have notice of that question.

Following is the answer:

I would invite the hon. Member's attention to the "Handbook for Women who are thinking of Settling Overseas," published by the Oversea Settlement Department (Dominions Office) revised to 1st January, 1928, page 15 of which gives the following information regarding the average rates of wages of household workers in the oversea Dominions:

of colonisation there, if he will state what is the present position of the negotiations?


The former Vice-Chairman of the Development and Migration Commission of the Commonwealth of Australia is at present in London with the object of negotiating a new development and land settlement scheme in Western Australia. Preliminary discussions have taken place, and I understand that the proposal will shortly be put before me, but I am not at present in a position to make any statement.

Major-General Sir NEWTON MOORE

What area is it proposed should come under this scheme, and what is the rainfall?


I think that the total area is something not far short of 40,000 square miles.


What would be the rainfall?


I must have notice of that question.