HC Deb 07 June 1928 vol 218 cc337-8

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether, seeing that the weight of salmon annually caught in these islands is considerably more than that taken from the rivers and lakes of the whole of the rest of Europe combined, he is satisfied that every measure is being taken to encourage and develop this industry; and whether he deems it capable of considerable further expansion?


I am satisfied that, so far as my Department is concerned, all possible steps are being taken to encourage and develop this industry in England and Wales, both by improvements in the administration of the salmon districts and by research into pollution and other problems affecting salmon. Two Committees appointed by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and by the Minister of Health and myself respectively are dealing with questions relating to pollution, and I should prefer to await the reports of these Committees before expressing an opinion on the last part of the question.


Can the right hon. Gentleman suggest any date when this report will be completed?


They are Standing Committees, and no doubt we shall receive reports from time to time.


is it not a fact that the Thames was once a very prolific source of salmon supplies, and might not inquiries be made to find out whether it would not be possible once more to make the Thames a valuable source of salmon supply?


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that there is splendid salmon fishing in the Mull and elsewhere in the Highlands, where the water is pure and where any amount of salmon can be caught, but whence it cannot be brought to other parts of the country because of the cost and inefficiency of the transport system?