HC Deb 06 June 1928 vol 218 cc163-4
3. Mr. SHORT

asked the Minister of Labour the total number of claims for unemployment benefit referred to the Court of Referees by the Wednesbury, Tipton, and Darlaston Employment Exchanges, respectively, since 19th April; and the dates when the Courts have been held in these towns?

Analysis of Unemployed Statistics, Great Britain.
26th March, 1928. 23rd April, 1928. 21st May, 1928.
General Scheme—
1. Claims admitted or under consideration. 868,051 902,657 956,487
2. Claimants disqualified but maintaining registration. 80,534 64,940 47,330
3. Insured non-claimants on main file. 26,454 22,568 32,979
4. Uninsured persons on register 58,806 72,120 64,230
5. Two months file 119,103 101,267 85,489
6. Total number of persons on register (lines 1–4). 1,033,845 1,062,285 1,101,026
Special Schemes—
7. Number unemployed 1,716 1,726 1,704
8. Total of insured persons recorded as unemployed. (Books lodged.) (Lines 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7.) 1,095,858 1,093,158 1,123,989
Major Sir WILLIAM COPE (Controller of the Household)

I have been asked to reply. In the period of a little over six weeks, from the 19th April to the 2nd June, inclusive, the number of claims referred to the Court of Referees from the areas in Wednesbury, Tipton and Darlaston Exchanges, respectively, have been 49, 68 and 44. The new arrangements of which the hon. Member was notified in the reply given to him on the 18th April only came into force on the 24th May. No sittings have so far been held at these Exchanges, during the period, but a sitting will be held at Tipton on Friday next.

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