HC Deb 11 July 1928 vol 219 cc2389-90

Resolution reported. That it is expedient to make provision for the winding-tip of the Naval Prize Fund and the dissolution of the Tribunal established under the Naval Prize Act, 1918, and that for that purpose there should he transferred from the Naval Prize Fund to the Exchequer—

  1. (a) the right to receive any sums which otherwise would be payable into the Naval Prize Fund under Part 1 of the Schedule to the said Act;
  2. (b) the liability for all such costs charges, expenses, and claims as are mentioned in Part II of the said Schedule, and as would otherwise be chargeable on the Naval Prize Fund;
and that the sums required for the payment of the costs, charges, expenses, and claims, liability for which is so transferred should be charged on and be payable out of the Consolidated Fund or the growing produce thereof, and that in consideration for such transfer there, should be paid out of the Naval Prize Fund to the Exchequer the sum of one hundred and twenty-six thousand five hundred pounds."

Resolution agreed to.

Bill ordered to be brought in upon the said Resolution by Lieut.-Colonel Head-lam, Mr. Bridgeman and Mr. Arthur Michael Samuel.

  1. NAVAL PRIZE BILL, 44 words