HC Deb 11 July 1928 vol 219 cc2230-1

asked the Secretary of State for Air whether he will state for each year from 1925 the expenditure of the principal Powers on their air forces 2


As my hon. Friend will be aware, there is a great diversity in the organisation of the air forces of the various Powers. Some countries, like ourselves, maintain a single unified air service, whilst others retain separate naval and military air arms. In the case of the latter, a considerable proportion of their air expenditure is not separately shown in their Estimates, but is borne on the main Navy and Army Votes, from which it cannot be segregated. For this reason, and as a result of the different financial procedure in vogue in the countries concerned, it is not practicable to give any reliable figures which would enable a comparison to be made between the total amounts of British and foreign air expenditure in any given year or period of years.

Commander BELLAIRS

Is it not practicable to give approximate figures, seeing that this question has been repeatedly asked in the House?


The question has been repeatedly asked, and the answer has been repeatedly given, that it is impossible to make such a comparison, and I must repeat that answer to-day.