HC Deb 09 July 1928 vol 219 cc1955-2007

As Amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.


May I ask how you propose, Mr. Speaker, to deal with the Amendments that appear on the Paper? Do you propose to allow a Debate on each of the Amendments on the Paper, or do you propose to allow a general Debate on them as they affect the various Scottish Departments?


I understand that the case for each of these Amendments was separately stated at considerable length in the Standing Committee on Scottish Bills upstairs, and I do not think it would be right for the House to repeat the discussion here. On the other hand, I should be sorry if hon. Members were not allowed to express their opinions shortly upon these various Offices, the extinction of which is proposed. Probably the most convenient course would be to have a general discussion on the policy of the extinction of these Offices on the first of the three Amendments which propose to leave out the respective Offices, and then, if hon. Members wish to do so, to have a Division on each of the three.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Substitution of Departments for Boards of Health and Agriculture and Prison Commissioners for Scotland.) 19,218 words, 3 divisions
  2. cc2001-4
  3. CLAUSE 4.—(Office of Deputy Clerk Register to cease.) 994 words
  4. cc2004-7
  5. CLAUSE 5.—(Keeper of the Registers and Records of Scotland.) 1,218 words, 1 division