HC Deb 19 December 1928 vol 223 cc3005-6

asked the Minister of Labour if, in regard to the unemployment grants scheme, he will, on account of housing and other difficulties, consider reducing the number of workers to be transferred from outside districts from 50 per cent. to 35 per cent. on condition that the balance of 15 per cent. be employed on the recommendation of the guardians in the areas concerned?


No, Sir. In view of the special terms of grant, I do not think the percentage should be reduced below 50.

41. Mr. W. PALING

asked the Minister of Labour how many schemes have been submitted to the unemployment grants committee since the issue of the circular in November last; how many have been approved; and how many rejected?


One hundred and three applications for grants have been made since the issue of the circular on 9th November. Fifty-four of these are for grants on the new terms which include the condition about the transfer of labour. In addition about 100 preliminary inquiries have been addressed to the Unemployment Grants Committee. Eight of the 103 schemes have been approved, four rejected, and the remainder are under consideration.


Would the right hon. Gentleman say why some of these schemes are rejected? In at least one case, that of Hemsworth, which is one of the most distressed areas in Yorkshire, they had a scheme rejected without any good reason being given.


If the hon. Member will provide me with particulars of any particular scheme I will go into the matter, and I will see whether I can give she local authority help with regard to it, if it can be brought into a form that could be considered.


Is the right bon. Gentleman aware that the only reason given so far is that that happens to be a distressed area, and that the Minister suggests that they ought not to spend money in this direction?

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