HC Deb 17 December 1928 vol 223 cc2585-6

asked the Under Secretary of State for India whether he has received a copy of papers and a petition from Mr. James Kirkwood, late of Calcutta, in which serious allegations are made regarding various public officials in Calcutta; and whether he will take any steps to ensure a proper examination of Mr. Kirkwood's allegations in the public interest?


Mr. Kirkwood on arrival in this country addressed my Noble Friend regarding his treatment by the management of a hotel in Calcutta and an alleged failure of the Chief Presidency Magistrate and various public officers to give him due protection. My Noble Friend was advised that Mr. Kirkwood's proper course was to seek a remedy in the Courts and he was informed accordingly.


Can the Noble Lord say whether Mr. Kirkwood also made allegations regarding the Chief of Police in Calcutta?


I should hesitate, and I am sure the hon. Member would appreciate my reason for doing so, to deal with these allegations, which are of a somewhat wild nature, because I think this unfortunate gentleman has been killed in France according to the newspapers I saw this morning. I should hesitate, if the hon. Member will excuse me from replying, to give a full answer to the allegations, which were made in a very long statement against 30 different authorities.