HC Deb 11 December 1928 vol 223 cc1919-20

May I ask you, Sir, whether you have yet reached any decision with the regard of admittance of women to the Strangers' Dining Room of the House?


Yes, I have done all I could to ascertain the general feeling of the House on the matter, and I have decided to adopt the recommendation made to me by the Kitchen Committee, that ladies may be admitted in future as guests to the Strangers' Dining Room, for dinner only, if accompanied by a Member.


As the secretary of the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Carnarvon Boroughs (Mr. Lloyd George) is allowed there, do you not think the secretary of the Leader of the Opposition should also be allowed there?

Viscountess ASTOR

Why ladies for dinner only? Do not women need luncheon too?


I gave the matter all the consideration I could, and I have adopted the recommendation of the Kitchen Committee, which I thought represented the views of hon. Members.