HC Deb 11 December 1928 vol 223 cc1906-7

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the total amount contributed by employers and employés during the last financial year to the cost of the following national social services: health insurance, widows' and orphans' and old age pensions, and unemployment; and what was expended by the Exchequer during the same period, exclusive of the amount

Service. Total amount contributed by employers and employés. Exchequer Contributions.* Period.
£000 £000 Year ended—
National Health Insurance 26,325 7,573 31st December, 1927.
Widows' Orphans' and Old Age Contributory Pensions. 23,254 4,000 31st March, 1928.
Non-Contributory Old Age Pensions 32,830† 31st March, 1928.
Unemployment Insurance 31,050 12,020 31st March, 1928.
*Exclusive of Exchequer Loans to the Unemployment Fund, and of the contributions made by the Government as Employer in respect of State employés, which are included in the previous column.
†This includes payments for old age pensions payable at 70 without means qualification under the Act of 1925 and pensions payable under the Blind Persons Act of 1920.

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