HC Deb 04 December 1928 vol 223 cc1002-3
23. Mr. DAY

asked the Minister of Transport whether his attention has been drawn to the large number of accidents which have occurred during the past 12 months owing to the dazzling effect of large headlights used by motorists; and will he consider the introduction of legislation which will compel motorists to dim their lights on approaching on-coming traffic?

The MINISTER of TRANSPORT (Colonel Ashley)

I am not aware that the number of accidents which may be attributed to the dazzling effect of headlights has shown any tendency to increase during the past twelve months. Even if such a tendency existed I am not satisfied that a regulation requiring the dimming of headlights on approaching on-coming traffic would add to the safety of the roads at night.

Lieut.-Colonel Sir FREDERICK HALL

Does the right hon. and gallant Gentleman not think there is a danger that, if oncoming lights are put out, you go into absolute darkness, and is not that, the reason for many accidents?

Colonel ASHLEY

That is my opinion. If the hon. and gallant Member will look at the last part of my answer, he will see that I have answered that question.


Is it not a fact that dipping headlights are of great service?

Colonel ASHLEY

That does not arise on this question.


Is not this suggestion of dipping headlights a sound one, and can they not be fitted at comparatively slight expense?


Is the right hon. and gallant Gentleman aware that on the Continent a great deal of assistance is given to motorists by the motorists all dimming at one time? Would not an expression of opinion from the right hon. Gentleman to the motorists of this country as to whether they should dim their lights or keep them on be of great assistance?

Colonel ASHLEY

It does not always follow that the Continent is right and we are wrong.


Is the right hon. and gallant Gentleman aware that both the motoring organisations of this country have looked carefully into this matter and have advised their members not to dim?