HC Deb 26 April 1928 vol 216 cc1077-8

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, as representing the First Commissioner of Works, whether all the Crown parks have free lavatory accommodation for boys and girls, respectively; which of the drinking-fountains in those parks do not supply water; whether any of the lavatories for children are open only for a part of the year; whether water is supplied to the drinking-fountains for a part of the year only; and whether it is proposed that the lavatory accommodation and drinking-water supply shall be made continuous throughout the year in the grounds adjoining the Houses of Parliament and the Crown parks.

The UNDER-SECRETARY of STATE for the HOME DEPARTMENT (Lieut.-Colonel Sir Vivian Henderson)

Lavatory accommodation is provided in all parks, and a proportion is free to both sexes. In addition, conveniences limited to use by children are open all the year round, except in St. James's Park and the Victoria Tower Gardens, where the accommodation is of a temporary character to meet the demands during school holidays. Water is available at all fountains except during the winter months, when there is no appreciable demand and there is also danger from frost. The present arrangements appear to be satisfactory, as no complaints have been received. To provide permanent accommodation for children in St. James's Park—they can, of course, use the free accommodation already provided—would cost a considerable sum, on account of difficulty of connection to the sewer. In the Victoria Tower Gardens permanent children's conveniences will, it is hoped, be provided in the scheme for rebuilding Lambeth Bridge, which is now under consideration.


Is it not a matter of public interest that all these places should be open all the year round, and would not various dangers be obviated thereby?


I think that the arrangements, when they have been amended as I suggest, will be quite satisfactory.