HC Deb 18 April 1928 vol 216 cc180-1

asked the Home Secretary what is the cost to date of the Home Office Industrial Museum; the number of the staff employed; the total salaries paid to theca; and the number of persons that have visited the museum since it was opened?


The cost of the building, which was not erected by the Home Office, has amounted to about £20,000, of which over £17,000 was spent before the War. It has been met out of the sum provided under Section 9 of the Finance Act; 1908, for the erection of public buildings at Westminster. The sums expended from the Home Office Vote in the collection of the exhibits and for other purposes, amounted to £1,000 up to 1916, and £2,314 between 1921 and the 31st March last. Most of the exhibits have been loaned or presented. Three attendants are employed, and their weekly salaries amount to £8 12s. 1d. The number of visitors recorded from the beginning of December last up to 14th April is 4,016.


Does the right hon. Gentleman think that this museum fulfils any useful purpose?


I not only think, I am absolutely satisfied that it fulfils a very useful purpose indeed. A large number of employers and trade union representatives have been and have expressed great satisfaction at seeing the latest methods of "safety first" in factories and other works.