HC Deb 11 April 1928 vol 162 cc1204-6

asked the Prime Minister whether His Majesty's Government will take advantage of the presence of the three West African Governors now in this country to prepare with them a joint scheme to submit to the forthcoming Imperial Economic Conference?

The UNDER-SECRETARY of STATE for the COLONIES (Mr. Ormsby-Gore)

The Prime Minister has asked me to take this question. My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Colonies proposes to consider, in consultation with the Governors in question, what matters connected with British West Africa can usefully be discussed at the Imperial Economic Conference, and, among other subjects, possible schemes of railway extension in their Colonies.


Will my hon. Friend sec whether the Governors of other Crown Colonies could not also be summoned for the Conference, especially in view of the information that was given to the House last night that no delay need arise in Crown Colony development?


The Governor of Kenya is coming, and the Colonial Secretary of Tanganyika also. This summer a number of important officials of Crown Colonies will be here, with whom we can discuss the matter. I do not think it is practicable to summon all the Governors to come home for this special purpose.


Is there any need to wait until the Conference before these schemes are put into operation?


Not in all cases. In some eases they can go on at once.

46 and 81. Sir J. NORTON-GRIFFITHS

asked the Prime Minister (1) whether he is in a position to state what steps His Majesty's Government have decided to adopt in relation to this country's cooperation and assistance in the development of approved schemes within the Empire, with a view to opening up further tracts of suitable country for settlers, as also assisting towards the trade prosperity in this country;

2) when he will be in a position to inform the House of the extent of the financial support which the British Government are extending towards the Oversea Settlement Committee work and migration generally, and also the financial co-operation with the Dominion Governments for the opening up of undeveloped country?

The FINANCIAL SECRETARY to the TREASURY (Major Boyd-Carpenter)

advanced to the table to answer the Question.


Hold out your hand, naughty boy. [Laughter.]


I am unable. at present to add anything to the statement made by my right hon. Friend the President of the Board of Trade yesterday.


In view of the statement made in the House yesterday, that no delay need take place in many of these development schemes, will my hon. Friend promise the House that he will impress the Chancellor of the Exchequer not to delay any decision connected with any development?

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