HC Deb 04 April 1928 vol 215 c1949

asked the Secretary of State far Foreign Affairs if he has any statement to make about the negotiations with the Nationalist Government of China for the settlement of the claims arising out of the incidents at Nanking on 24th March, 1927, having broken down; and whether any other Governments besides His Majesty's Government have taken part in the negotiations?


No satisfactory settlement of the Nanking incident was reached during the recent negotiations, and Sir M. Lampson, being unable to remain any longer in Shanghai, sailed for Peking on the 25th March, leaving the negotiations to be continued by His Majesty's Consul-General at Shanghai and His Majesty's Consul-General for Nanking as opportunity offered. No other Government took part in the negotiations, but parallel negotiations have been in progress with the representatives of America and Japan and in the former case have resulted in an agreement.