HC Deb 02 April 1928 vol 215 cc1571-2

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether the delay in giving effect to the recommendations of the Lee Commission regarding the recruitment of officers for the superior services in Burma operating in transferred fields has yet been terminated by the issue of the Secretary of State's orders regarding rules to supersede the Civil Services (Governor's Provinces) Delegation Rules, 1926; and, if not, whether, in view of the admitted hardship caused to men serving in the transferred Departments, he can now give the date of the proposed issue of the Secretary of State's orders?


The Civil Services (Governor's Provinces) Delegation Rules, 1926, give Provincial Governments full power to form and recruit superior services in the transferred field as recommended by the Lee Commission, and their difficulties, which arose from problems of organisation and not from any defect in the rules, have, it is hoped, been largely solved as the result of a conference held at Delhi last November. The new Classification Control and Appeal Rules which are ultimately to embody the provisions of those rules and deal with other matters besides, are still under discussion with the Government of India and it is not possible at present to give a date for their issue.