HC Deb 22 November 1927 vol 210 c1601

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer

The following is a LIST of BIRDS, the Plumage of which was illegally imported and was confiscated by the Customs Authorities under the Importation of Plumage (Prohibition) Act, 1921, during the period 1st July to 30th September, 1927, together with the approximate quantity of plumage involved in each case.
Name of Bird. Approximate Amount of Plumage Name of Bird. Approximate Amount of Plumage
Bee Eater 1 stuffed bird. Kingfisher 2 millinery mounts.
1 skin.
Bird of Paradise 6 millinery mounts. 1 brooch containing a small portion.
Crane, African, Crowned. 2 heads.
Lory 10 wings.
Crane, Crested 1 crest. 4 tails.
3 heads.
Egret 112 single feathers. Parrot 26 single feathers.
2 small bundles. 4 artificial flowers.
2 wings. 1 feather ornament.
8 millinery mounts. Peacock 95 single feathers.
Emu 20 single feathers. 16 millinery mounts.
1 millinery mount. 103 fans.
Flamingo 18 wings. 2 tails.
2 skins. 2 feather whisks.
Grebe 1 skin. 2 imitation made-up birds.
Pheasant, Argus 7 single feathers.
Heron 3 millinery mounts. Pheasant, Copper 1 feather-work picture,
1 tail. 19 fans.
Hoopoe 1 stuffed bird. Pheasant, Reeves 1 fan.
Humming Bird 2 millinery mounts. Rook 1 feather-work picture.
Indian Roller 4 wings. Stork, Leptoptilus 1 small bunch of feathers.
8 single feathers. 4 small bundles.
1 feather-work picture. Stork, Adjutant 1 fan.
Jay, Blue 12 single feathers. Woodpecker 2 skins.
Jungle Cock 2 small bundles. Woodpecker, Golden 12 single feathers.
In addition to the above two parcels containing a small quantity of plumage not identified but clearly within the prohibition were seized.

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